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Volunteer Awards

The Bruce Trail Conservancy's annual awards recognize volunteers and supporters for extraordinary achievement for the Bruce Trail and the Niagara Escarpment. Every year we ask our members and volunteers to nominate people in the Bruce Trail community for their exceptional contributions. The awards are presented at the Bruce Trail Conservancy Annual Meeting.

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a volunteer who has shown extraordinary contributions to the Bruce Trail Conservancy within a single year (from April of the previous year to April of the current year only). The award is not intended to recognize a lifetime of contributions as that would preclude volunteers who have been with us for a short time. Any form of volunteering for the Bruce Trail Conservancy may be considered for this award.  

Nomination Information: Submit nomination letter of 250 words outlining why the nominee should be considered for this award to the BTC Director Organizational Resources at by May 31 

Past recipients

2007 Ross McLean
2007 Carol Sheppard
2008 Grant Ehrhardt
2009 Albert McMaster
2010 Don McIlraith
2010 Jack Morgan
2010 Fred Nix
2012 Jean Kerins
2013 Jane Greenhouse
2014 Ron Savage
2015 Colleen Darrell
2016 Ros Rossetti
2017 Deborah Sturdevant

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Honorary Membership

The Honorary Membership is an award given to selected BTC members who have made a lasting, significant contribution to the Conservancy. The award consists of a certificate and the waiver of annual dues for the lifetime of the recipient. The nominee must have demonstrated leadership, innovation, and commitment, and have accomplished significant achievement towards the fulfilling of the BTC Mission. The nominee must have volunteered at both Conservancy and Club levels.

Nomination Information: Submit the nomination form to the BTC Director of Organizational Resources at by May 31

Past recipients, Honorary Members

Robert Bateman
Frank Birch
Edna & Walter Blacklock
Bruce & Ruth Calvert
Barbara & Bill Cannon
Annie Carlisle
Betty Carter
Margaret Cooper
E Cserhalmi
May Denreyer
Hamish Duthie & Lynn Allen
Tom East
Helen English
Gord Fenton
Lily Forler
Ila and Vic Franklin
Ron Gatis 
Philip Gosling
Jean Gosling 
Cy Hauch 
Robert Lee
Peter Leeney
Ray Lowes
Alex & Christine Matulewicz
Jim Macdonald
Janice McClelland
Ross & Janet McLean
Cathie Mills
Paul Naray
Syd Pearce
Norman Pearson
Muriel and John Poste
Ian Reid
George Robinson 
Malcolm Sanderson
Trudy Senesi
Alan Shaw
Maureen Smith 
Trevor Stock & Irmgard Richter
Fred Turner
Chris Walker
Martin Walsh 
Mike & Gwyn Webb
Barry & Marilyn Westhouse

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Susan Oleskevich Award

This award is presented annually to an outstanding trail worker. Susan Oleskevich was a special Bruce Trail volunteer. For more than a decade she was a loyal trail maintenance volunteer. During this time, she was Trail Director for the Conservancy, and for the Caledon Hills and Toronto Bruce Trail Clubs.

When Susan died suddenly in the summer of 1995, a group of her friends wanted to donate a lasting symbol of her contribution to the Trail. From these discussions came the Susan Oleskevich Award. The contributions of Susan Oleskevich deserve to be remembered. With the annual presentation of this award, her memory will remain strong and provide a source of motivation for all of us as we continue our volunteer commitment.

The criteria for selection are that the winner shall:

  • Have been actively involved in the physical work of trail maintenance and development
  • Have long-standing commitment to trail work
  • Be an outstanding trail worker

Nomination Information: Submit a nomination letter to the BTC Trail Director by August 15

Past Recipients

1996 Ken Ingham
1997 Laurence Christie
1997 Charles Grant
1998 Barry Westhouse
1999 Graham McCallum
2000 James Swalwell
2000 Frank Holley
2001 Clayton & Anne Roberts
2001 Elsa Karha
2003 James & Ann Couse
2004 George & Joan Bowman
2005 Dave Sheppard
2006 Ralph Tremills
2006 Tys Murra
2007 John Cunningham
2007 Robert Light
2008 Frank Bouma
2009 Mac McDonald
2010 Dennis Gallant
2011 John Hollingsworth
2012 Ralph Tremills
2013 Ron Spotton
2014 Andrew Costley
2015 Rose-Mary Mitter
2016 Rick Edwards
2017 Richard Pomeroy

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Calypso Orchid Environmental Award

The Calypso Orchid Environmental Award is awarded to an individual, volunteer group, institution or company that has demonstrated a significant contribution to the restoration and preservation of the Bruce Trail and/or the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, or significantly enhanced the education of users or potential users of the Trail and/or the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve. The recipient needs not be a member of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. Exemplary actions by the recipients can have either a direct and/or indirect effect on the Bruce Trail. Meritorious actions can be a single event or undertaken over several years.

Background: In the spring of 1956 Arthur Storey saw his first calypso orchid on a trip to Tobermory. Twenty years later Lloyd Smith commemorated the event by carving a diamond willow walking staff for him, including a likeness of a calypso orchid on the handle. In 1997 Arthur donated the walking staff to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, with the wish that an environmental award be established. The Calypso Orchid Environmental Award was established in 2000.

Nomination Information: Submit the nomination form by June 1 to attn: Calypso Orchid Award

Past Recipients

2000 Peninsula Bruce Trail Club 
2000 Chippewas of Nawash First Nations 
2001 John Burton 
2001 Margaret Reed 
2003 George Francis 
2005 K. Elizabeth Kümmling
2006 Walter M. Tovell
2006 Leonard O. Gertler
2007 Bruce Krug 
2008 David Moule 
2011 KEEN Canada 
2012 Ned Morgan
2013 Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids
2015 Kevin Warburton
2016 The Town of Blue Mountains
2017 Anne Clock

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Bruce Trail Conservancy Head Office Volunteer Award

This annual award is given in recognition of the invaluable contributions made by our volunteers at the Bruce Trail Conservancy head office. Recipients are chosen annually by BTC staff and the award is presented at our year-end celebration. 

Past Recipients

1998 The Mop Brigade
2006 Cheryl Duke
2006 Jim Standen
2006 Karl Massfeller
2007 Doug Gordon
2007 Chris Cropper
2008 Jeanne Keldson
2009 Maureen Case
2010 John Harrison
2012 Sarah Veldhoen
2012 Stella Parr
2014 Dorothy Wengler
2015 Frank Spadafora
2016 Nick Avery
2017 Donna Plyley

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Years of Service Awards

The Bruce Trail Conservancy Years of Service Awards recognize volunteers who have contributed so many years to volunteering directly for the Conservancy, either through committees, boards, workgroups, or at the Head Office. Awards are given out for 1, 3, 5, 10,15, 20 and 25 years of service.

Years of service awards have been recorded since 1993. In 1993 a catch-up award was given to all volunteers, and volunteer time given since 1993 are all that is counted towards the years of service awards.

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